Boss GA-FC EX Foot Controller

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Boss GA-FC EX Foot Controller

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Boss GA-FC EX Foot Controller Overview

The GA-FC EX provides expanded foot control functionality for select BOSS amplifier models. It maintains the simple setup and intuitive workflow of the standard GA-FC while offering additional functions for greater performance flexibility.

More Power and Flexibility

The GA-FC EX builds on the standard GA-FC with several enhanced features. Status LEDs with two colors make it easier to see changes when switching. And along with two dedicated expression pedal jacks, there’s an additional control jack with a three-way mode selector. It allows you to connect a third expression pedal or use the GA-FC EX for expanded applications.

Enhanced Performance Control for Katana MkII Amps

The mode selector on the GA-FC EX opens up powerful control capabilities with supported Katana MkII models.

Double Your Footswitches

Set the mode switch to EXPAND and connect an additional GA-FC EX or a standard GA-FC for even more floor control. With twice the footswitches, you have instant access to all memories and effects at once.

Operate Two Amps

If you use two Katana MkII amps in your setup, FOOT CONTROL 2 mode is for you. Connect one GA-FC EX via two cables to select memories and effects on both amps, either together or independently.

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Rated 3.00 out of 5 28/11/2023

great - nothing else can replicate the functions it provides as it uses some special implementation of midi electronics trickery that is not available elsewhere. It does need additional pedals to get the full use of the Amplifier patches. ie 1 2 or 3 additional expression pedals. The EX amp itself doesn't have enough buttons or options to select all the preset patches you can configure (8) so the pedal is a must have if you want access all the eight presets in the situation where you don't have a computer with the tone studio software attached by usb. Fairly expensive for what it adds. You can just use a single expression pedal or A/B 1/2 switch pedal in the 'normal' peddle control slot of the amp, as long as you only want access to 4 presets and are prepared to swap the peddle over to use switching function or expression function. The peddle board is generalised to work with multiple BOSS Katana amp types and setups so depends on what amp you have what is or can be made available. The EX 50 amp could do with some additional physical buttons to allow selection of some of the additional features (negating the need for the peddle board) or even a display to help know which patch your on rather than the colour coded light system. Adding blue tooth for midi control would have been useful and developing an nice app for Android phones. It does sound loud. Welcome switchable power outputs for all playing occasions, I've not yet tried the direct outputs to mixer but lots of control options in the tone studio software to get the sounds you want. Loads of effects options based on BOSS pedals - lots of different sounds.

Mr Blackwood

Rated 4.00 out of 5 05/5/2023

great but complicated.

Roy Bell

Rated 5.00 out of 5 28/4/2023

Should probably be included with the Katana 50 amp because it is almost essential to have it. But, to be fair, other amp manufacturers also see a foot pedal as an optional extra. The GA-FC EX is a fabulous piece of kit.


Rated 5.00 out of 5 10/4/2023

Does what it says.

Frank Newman

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