Boss SDE-3000EVH Eddie Van Halen Dual Digital Delay Pedal


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Boss SDE-3000EVH Eddie Van Halen Dual Digital Delay Pedal


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Boss SDE-3000EVH Eddie Van Halen Dual Digital Delay Pedal Overview

The Boss SDE-3000EVH Dual Digital Delay Pedal, a collaboration between EVH and BOSS, delivers a faithful recreation of the distinctive stereo delay setup that defined Eddie Van Halen’s immense three-cabinet live stage guitar sound.

The Boss SDE-3000EVH is more than just a delay pedal; it’s a conduit to the sound and spirit of one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Developed in collaboration with EVH, this effects pedal delivers the authentic Eddie Van Halen’s live stereo delay sound and allows you to shape it to fit your own musical style. With the SDE-3000EVH, Eddie’s expansive spatial delay tone is at your fingertips.

Plunge into the depths of Eddie’s vast spatial delay tone and make it your own with this modern evolution of the vintage Roland SDE-3000 rackmount delay.

If you’re a guitarist, love Eddie Van Halen and want to experience the massive stereo delay sound formed a key part of his live guitar tone, the Boss SDE-3000EVH is a must-try. It’s also a fantastic choice for any player who wants a flexible and feature-packed digital delay with a distinctive, vintage-inspired sound in their rig.

Echoes of a Guitar Maestro

Eddie Van Halen’s influence on the world of guitar is unparalleled. His musicality, dynamic performances and supernatural techniques have inspired countless players and his distinct tone is as legendary as the man himself. Throughout his lifetime, Eddie strived for perfection, constantly refining his choice of amplifiers and effects to create the ultimate sound.

The classic Roland SDE-3000 rackmount delay fit seamlessly into his unique wet/dry/wet live rig approach, offering a warm yet clear sonic character and specialised delay parameters that aligned perfectly with Eddie’s discerning sound preferences.

The incredible Boss SDE-3000EVH delay pedal recreates this dual delay setup that formed a crucial part of Van Halen’s live sound, enhances it with modern features and condenses it into a compact, pedalboard-friendly format.

Sculpting the Delay of a Titan

Because the original SDE-3000 was a mono delay, Eddie Van Halen employed two units with individualised settings to achieve his iconic live guitar sound. Emulating this approach, the SDE-3000EVH combines two stereo SDE-3000s into a single pedal. It is also equipped with an EVH preset bank, enabling you to load Eddie’s very own curated settings with a single touch.

Crafting the Wet/Dry/Wet Soundstage

Eddie Van Halen pioneered the three-cabinet wet/dry/wet setup in the early 1990s, utilising a dry path from a single amplifier in the central cabinet and amplifying the left and right cabinets with wet-only delay effects.

This resulted in a broad, multi-dimensional soundstage that could fill the largest stadium. The SDE-3000EVH, with its multiple outputs and versatile routing modes, makes recreating this setup with your own amps a breeze.

EVH’s Presets at Your Fingertips

The SDE-3000EVH comes with eight EVH presets, accessible through a dedicated panel switch. These presets, designed for a wet/dry/wet setup, mirror the actual presets Eddie used in his live rig. The pedal also offers the same sounds adapted for a streamlined stereo amplifier setup.

A Classic Reborn with a Touch of Modernity

In the 1980s, the SDE-3000 stood apart from other digital delays due to its warm, inviting sound and inspiring musicality. This was a result of intricate internal digital processing and the nonlinear behaviours of the supporting analogue circuitry. The SDE-3000EVH brings this esteemed classic into the modern era, meticulously recreating its distinctive character.

Dual Delays, Double the Creativity

The SDE-3000EVH houses two completely discrete delays, each with independent parameters and mono or stereo modulation. Run the delays in parallel to conjure evolving stereo colours, chain them in series to generate intricate rhythms, conjure up reverb-like depth and more.

The flexible I/O supports a variety of mono and stereo setups and there’s an external loop for interfacing with external pedals or an amplifier’s effects loop.

A Compact Powerhouse of Control

The SDE-3000EVH surpasses its rackmount predecessor with a compact pedal-based design and extended control options. The onboard footswitches offer immediate control of memory selection, tap tempo, delay hold and more.

Two control jacks allow for the connection of up to four footswitches or two expression pedals, or a GA-FC/GA-FC EX for external operation, while the inclusion of TRS MIDI I/O further expands the control possibilities. This vast selection of assignable targets provides deep real-time control that far exceeds the performance capabilities of the original SDE-3000.

The SDE-3000D

As well as the Van Halen-inspired SDE-3000EVH, Boss also offer the SDE-3000D Dual Stereo Digital Delay. The SDE-300D is a fantastic alternative if you’re a guitarist or musician who is interested in the SDE-3000EVH but doesn’t need the additional wet/dry/wet connectivity and exclusive Van Halen presets.