Danelectro DBAC1 Back Talk Reverse Delay Pedal


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Danelectro DBAC1 Back Talk Reverse Delay Pedal


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Danelectro DBAC1 Back Talk Reverse Delay Pedal Overview

Danelectro Back Talk: Reviving the Legendary Reverse Delay Pedal

Danelectro relaunches the iconic Back Talk Reverse Delay Pedal, bringing back a classic model that first hit the market in 1999. Still revered by musicians and studio engineers worldwide, the Back Talk is hailed as one of the finest reverse/delay pedals ever created.

Timeless Sonic Magic: Authentic Reissue

The new Back Talk faithfully reproduces the original’s sonic magic, featuring the same software and NOS chip processor that made it legendary. With its Mix, Repeats, and Speed controls, this genuine reissue continues to produce some of the richest, tape-like reverse/delay sounds available in a stand-alone effects pedal.

Vintage Vibes: Time-Tested Aesthetics

Embodying the wear and tear of a pedalboard veteran, the reissued Back Talk exudes vintage charm with its soft-action footswitch and funky large orange lens on/off indicator. The pedal’s metal case showcases subtle dings, scuffed paint, and faded control knobs, evoking the psychedelic era and the classic tracks it influenced.

Effortless Operation: Tape Machine Simulation

The Back Talk’s user-friendly 3 control layout, featuring Mix, Repeats, and Speed, simplifies the process of tape machine operation by hand. The ‘Mix’ control blends the wet and dry signal, while ‘Repeats’ adjusts the number of voiced signal repetitions, from one to infinity, and varies the depth to create an echo effect. The ‘Speed’ knob alters the delay time.

Unparalleled Reverse Tape Simulation

With exceptional precision, the Back Talk delivers a captivating reverse tape simulation, producing undulating loops where chords fade ‘into’ the attack, and solo notes bend ‘down’ to pitch. The pedal’s unique sonic character is perfect for recreating the psychedelic-rock sound of the '60s.

Endless Creativity: Seamlessly Integrated Effects

The Back Talk complements other pedals seamlessly and is highly responsive throughout the guitar’s volume control sweep. It opens up a new realm of playing experience in the ‘forward’ world, making it a must-have addition to any guitarist’s setup.

Cult Classic Reborn: Danelectro’s Inspirational Legacy

Known for innovation and inspiration, Danelectro guitar effect pedals have earned a cult following. The legendary Back Talk’s revival promises to deliver swirling, psychedelic-rock reverse tape simulation with unrivaled performance and playability, continuing to inspire musicians for generations to come.