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Line 6 Variax Limited Edition Series guitars offer guitarists the opportunity to own a limited-run instrument that is not only visually striking, but also delivers a wide range of tones and alternate tunings via Variax HD modeling. Each guitar features a unique finish, a Limited Edition insignia, and a numbered neck plate.

Inspired by the 20th anniversary of Line 6 and the green found in the original Line 6 logo, as well as in our first products, the Limited Edition Amethyst has a translucent-purple finish that was the runaway winner in a pool of over 2,000 votes, and it has a matching headstock overlay.

All of our Limited Edition guitars combine a beautiful custom finish with the same Variax HD sound, superb playability, and unmatched versatility found in all Variax Standard models.

Line 6 and Yamaha joined forces to introduce Variax Standard — a player-friendly guitar that delivers more tone and versatility than any other instrument in its price range. Instantly access a collection of vintage electrics, classic acoustics and more. Access alternate tunings on the fly. Create any guitar imaginable with Variax Workbench HD software. Whether you’re recording in the studio or loading up the trusty tour van, Variax Standard will redefine what you expect from your guitar.

Thanks to the remarkable craftsmen at Yamaha, Variax Standard delivers the rock-solid build you’d expect from a high-quality guitar. The lightweight alder S-type body, one-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and proprietary tremolo bridge deliver total comfort and playability, while the custom-wound pickups serve up loads of sonically rich tone. Add in our proprietary Variax HD technology, and you get a guitar that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Everyone knows that a vintage Strat has amazing tone. But for many of us, owning one is a dream rather than reality. Variax Standard delivers a rich, bold sound based on* a priceless '50s Strat, minus the hum and buzz that can plague older instruments. Plus you’re not limited to the sound of just one instrument—you can access dozens of classic guitars and pickup types to find your ideal tone. With Variax HD technology, you get an instrument that combines legendary guitar tone with pure versatility, playability and innovation—all for a price that's within reach.

Want to take a break from guitar modeling and go old school for a bit? Variax Standard comes with three custom-wound single-coil Alnico V magnetic pickups that capture every nuance of your playing with pristine accuracy. And if you want to go even further, you can also access over a dozen classic pickup types thanks to Variax HD technology.

No need to spend extra time and money upgrading your guitar—Variax Standard comes with high-quality components that set it apart from other guitars in its class. A lightweight alder body delivers clear, full-bodied sound with plenty of sustain. And the lubricated Graph Tech nut provides precise tuning stability to help you stay in tune as you bend strings.

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  • James Barnes


    This is an experiment for me; it is an inexpensive guitar with interesting onboard modelling. It needs a bit of dailing-in but there are a lot of sounds and tunings available. At this price (£499) I don't suppose anyone can complain much if it only does half of what it is supposed to. it works as a pretty much conventional Strat too, which is useful.

  • Glen Cahalin


    I'd looked at getting this over a year ago but backed off after reading on line that it had a Yamaha Pacifica neck, I have a Paciffica 112EG and found the narrow string spacing not too much to my liking ( I love the spacing on my Yamaha SG. ) But well I loved the Variax idea so much I thought I'd finally give in. I was pleasantly surprised to find the string spacings are a little wider on the Line 6 than the 112EG and am enjoying playing it, I will swap out the string for my own personal preference soon and a that point put a little effort into fine tuning the setting it up for my own preferences and quirks. So if, like me, you dropped it from your shortlist after reading in forums about it being a Pacifica neck I'd say put it back on the list and ( preferably ) try a Variax Standard for yourself.

  • Gavin


    Nicely made guitar by Yamaha. There was a bit of fret buzz that needed attention and the supplied strings were terrible quality. I’ve never bought a guitar that was perfect straight out of the box so this is nothing new! I’m still getting to grips with all of the features of the Variax system but so far it seems great. I’d certainly recommend it.

  • Tony


    This was a leap in the dark for me, never played one. It’s a nice Yamaha Pacifica, looks very good, but when you press the modelling switch you are in a different world. The emulations respond to subtle picking variations. I can’t get my head around the instant alternate tunings, it feels wrong but it works. Kashmir will never ever the same... The guitar came setup very well, a minor tweak of the truss rod to suit my personal preference and it is perfect.

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