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The Gibson Custom Shop is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, quality, and sound excellence. Each instrument celebrates Gibson’s legacy through accuracy, authenticity, and attention to detail, using high-end tonewoods, high-quality hardware, authentic premium Gibson pickups and classic nitro finishes making these some of the best guitars money can buy. You can choose from a range of classic models, including the Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, Gibson ES-335 and any popular or more unusual specs according to your requirements.

Gibson Custom Shop Factory


In the early ‘80s, Gibson moved from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee and began building custom guitars for any individuals who had the funds and a local Gibson dealer to contact the company. With its success, Henry Juszkiewicz and Dave Berryman bought the company in 1986 and split the Custom Shop into its own division.

In the early ’90s, Gibson expanded the Custom Shop to include limited edition replicas for popular musician’s guitars, going beyond just replicating vintage models. The first of these signature models were the Joe Perry Les Paul in 1996, then the Ace Frehley in 1997. These were followed by the Eric Clapton 335 and the Jimmy Page Les Paul.

From the ’90s to the present day, Gibson has continued to release a wide range of Signature models, as well as replicating some of the finest vintage models ever. They started trying to replicate the classic late ‘50s Les Paul Standard as early as 1979, and while these models weren’t true replicas, over time Gibson has refined the art of creating truly authentic reproductions of classic models that are available today.

Gibson Custom Shop Factory

In recent years, as the popularity of the Gibson Custom Shop has increased, they have expanded their range with different series.

In 2005, they added the ‘Inspired By’ series, which are more limited edition than the Custom Shop’s signature guitars as only 300 are produced, whereas signature guitars are meant to be reproduced for years to come. The Jimi Hendrix 1967 Flying V was the first guitar in the Inspired By range, created as an exact replica of the famous model.

In 2007, Gibson introduced the Popular Demand range, which is based on the most commonly requested changes that the Custom Shop receives. With the Gibson Custom Shop filling individual orders for one-off guitars, the demand for other Custom Shop models increased so much that they had to stop.

To fill the void, they introduced the Popular Demand series - with the goal to release a new, limited run of Popular Demand guitars each week, which in theory will meet more than 90% of one-off requests.

Murphy Lab

Tom Murphy is the world’s premier craftsman at guitar ageing and replication, and now he has his very own lab at Gibson where he and his specialised team can expertly craft guitars. Click below to learn more about the Murphy Lab range

Gibson Custom Shop Factory

Finish Options


Aged models are made to look and sound like authentic vintage models that have seen a lifetime of use and wear, which gives them more character than a new guitar.

VOS (Vintage Original Spec)

VOS models were introduced in 2006 and are as close as you can get to buying a brand new Gibson back in the 50s/60s. The finish is like you left the guitar in the case for 50 years and it’s still in great condition but is slightly faded and worn.

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