Akai Professional APC Mini MK2 Controller


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Akai Professional APC Mini MK2 Controller


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Akai Professional APC Mini MK2 Controller Overview

Ultra-portable clip-launching controller for Ableton Live with 64 RGB-backlit pads, 9 faders and transport controls.

Control Live, Wherever You Are

The Akai Professional APC Mini Mk2 is a clip-launching controller designed to make looping, launching and sampling Ableton Live fluid and immediate, no matter where you take it. APC Mini Mk2 is incredibly portable and runs off USB bus power, making a great addition to your workflow both in the studio, on stage and on the move. Akai Professional have packed a tonne of powerful features into a very compact footprint.

Customisable Backlit Pads

The standout feature of the Akai Professional APC Mini Mk2 is its 64 new RGB-backlit pads across a customisable 8x8 grid, which provide a precise and clear visual representation of your Ableton Live session clips. With APC Mini Mk2’s grid at your fingertips, even navigating large or complex sessions is a breeze. The scrollable RGB-enabled pad matrix is sharp and bold, making it easy to see during a live performance or studio session. Launching individual loops, samples, melodies and whole Scenes is fast and fluid with APC Mini Mk2, allowing you to perform and create with an unhindered workflow.

Assignable Faders

Akai Professional equip the APC Mini Mk2 with 9 easily assignable faders, giving you tactile control over track volume, pan, insert effect sends and more. Using APC Mini Mk2’s 9 faders, writing automation, tweaking plug-in parameters and shaping your sounds can become a hands-on and immediate experience.

In Device Mode, the faders are automatically assigned to the selected device’s Macro Controls. This allows you to adjust multiple parameters simultaneously with a single fader - perfect for creating a dynamic and evolving performance. Essential DAW control is provided by the Soft Keys, which give you instant access to Solo, Stop, Mute and Record arm functions.

Performance Modes

Drum Mode

Drum Mode, a feature currently unique to the APC Mini Mk2, offers seamless integration with Ableton Live’s Drum Rack. This mode dedicates a 4x4 quadrant of the APC Mini Mk2’s pad section to controlling Live whilst giving you the option to assign the other pads.

Smart Scale and Notes Mode

Smart Scale Mode gives you instant visual feedback whilst changing scale types and keys. In Smart Scale Mode, the currently-selected musical key is displayed across the pads so you know what scale you’re playing in. Notes Mode lets you perform with your virtual instruments and samples in an intuitive pad-based way.

Free Software Bundle

As well as the Akai Professional APC Mini Mk2 MIDI keyboard itself, you also receive a free software bundle that includes Ableton Live Lite and world-class virtual instruments from AIR Music Technology.

Live Lite

Live Lite is an essential version of the popular DAW that lets you start recording, mixing and using APC Mini Mk2’s launching capabilities right out of the box. With a variety of in-built instruments, effects and samples at your disposal, you’ve got a host of tools to start developing your musical ideas.

Virtual Instruments

The included virtual instrument pack from AIR Music Technology includes Hybrid 3 (a polyphonic synth with bags of analogue-style goodness, Mini Grand (a gorgeous acoustic piano instrument) and Velvet (a vintage electric piano instrument with a classic sound).