Orange Pedal Baby 100 Power Amp

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Orange Pedal Baby 100 Power Amp

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Stock expected February 2024

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Orange Pedal Baby 100 Power Amp Overview

The Orange Pedal Baby 100 is a class A/B power amplifier, is a product designed for the touring musician; flatter than a normal guitar amplifier it’s perfect for guitarists running pedal boards, modellers or digital processors. Light, compact and built for the road; fly dates, changing venues are all taken in its stride.

Class A/B power amp: Unlike Class D amplifiers which are not able to keep up. Class A/B delivers a more natural and complete tone while being able to properly power larger cabs into 16 Ohms with at least 70 Watts of clean tone.

Class A front end: Class A coupled with high quality components is the only standard to ensure no crossover distortion inside your amplifier, resulting in genuine, clean and natural tones – plus valvelike hair at higher levels. Especially when driven with any external preamp.

EQ designed for pedals: Different to traditional guitar amplifiers, the EQ has been designed to be flatter and more neutral. At 12 o’clock (neutral) the EQ cuts out allowing the tone to be exactly what your pedals define. With a responsive Bass and Treble control, guitarists can tune their cabinet to get the tone they’re looking for.

Small and portable: Weighing around 3 kg, this is a perfect amplifier for fly dates and can drive any cab from small clubs to huge arena stages.

If you’re looking at flying into a festival, backline companies will often have Marshall or Orange amps. Around 80% of them will be 16 Ohms, so with the Pedal Baby, you can turn up with it and some pedals, a guitar, and you can place this on top of the cabs already on stage and have at least 70 Watts out of it clean – so you can easily do a gig with this.

If you have all your sounds dialed in on your pedal board geared up for flying rigs then is is perfect for that too. You can use this in any gigging situation, anything from small clubs to festivals. The front end is Class A and the power amp is Class AB so it’s got a good quality, natural sound and it represents accurately what you put into it. - Ade Emsley Technical Director

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 30/8/2023

Great bit if kit, incredibly loud power amp so works perfectly with modellers or profilers, give the sound a very amp like feel, with out being to orange in colouring you intended sound, Ade Emsley is without doubt a genius and yet again he has done it again.light, simple, very powerful and really handy presence and resonance controls to shape your tone in any room. Nice one .

James MacMillan

Rated 5.00 out of 5 09/6/2023

Just wow! It’s unlocked my tone! I’ve been struggling with different amps for years with my HX stomp and as soon as I plugged in to the Pedal Baby (into an 8ohm cab) it was loud at 9am on the volume - never went above 10am the whole session. It’s incredible and now the veil has been lifted - I can get into sculpting the tones and getting the most out of the HX stomp without the colouration of an amp. 100% recommend for those using boards with an amp sim or modellers with amp+cab sims - you will not be disappointed!

Danny Draper

Rated 5.00 out of 5 18/4/2023

This thing is a beast. Now, I just turn up to a practice room with this and my Helix. Plug and play! Such an amazing bit of kit. If you're thinking about it, just crack on. You won't regret it.


Rated 5.00 out of 5 20/2/2023

This item is superb - it delivers incredible sound yet remains faithful to the effects being used even at relatively high volumes. Most impressive.

Max Pierzchalla

Rated 2.00 out of 5 22/8/2022

Sadly the item was faulty when it arrived. Contacted Orange customer service and didn't get a reply. Disappointing. It seemed well built and if it had worked properly might have been just what I wanted.

A. Barber

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