Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

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Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

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Stock expected July 2024

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Roland TM-2 Trigger Module Overview

Add hybrid versatility to your acoustic drum set with the Roland TM-2 Trigger Module.

Enhance your acoustic drumming experience with the creative possibilities of electronic percussion using the Roland TM-2 Trigger Module. Designed to bring the power of electronic drums to your acoustic drum set, the TM-2 provides a convenient and affordable solution for creating a powerful hybrid drum kit. With its compact size, easy operation, and versatile features, the TM-2 opens up a world of possibilities for expanding your drumming capabilities.

Create Your Hybrid Drum Kit with Ease

The TM-2 Trigger Module is the perfect tool for blending acoustic and electronic elements together. With two trigger inputs, you can connect a variety of pads and drum triggers from Roland, allowing you to customize your drum set to suit your needs. Whether you want to add additional percussion sounds, trigger your own custom WAV samples and loops, or enhance your live acoustic drums with studio-quality multi-effects, the TM-2 has got you covered. It’s never been easier or more affordable to create a powerful hybrid drum kit that combines the best of both worlds.

Convenient and Portable Design

With its ultra-compact size and battery-powered operation, the TM-2 is designed for convenience and portability. It mounts easily onto a hi-hat stand or drum rack using standard hardware, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly into your existing drum setup. The battery-powered operation eliminates the need for AC power, making it perfect for gigs, rehearsals, or jam sessions wherever you go. The intuitive panel features straightforward controls for assigning sounds to the trigger inputs and saving them as kits, with large, easy-to-press buttons for quick access during performances.

Compatible with Roland Pads and Acoustic Drum Triggers

The TM-2 is equipped with trigger inputs that support Roland pads and acoustic drum triggers. You can use a wide range of pads from Roland’s V-Drums lineup, including those that support dual triggering for enhanced expressiveness. For a truly integrated hybrid kit, consider using the BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad, which mounts onto the rim of an acoustic drum, or the KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal, designed with a compact size that fits comfortably alongside other pedals. The TM-2 also works seamlessly with Roland’s RT-series acoustic drum triggers, allowing you to trigger sounds on kick, snare, and tom drums.

Professional Sounds and Performance Enhancement

The TM-2 is loaded with ready-to-play pro sounds that are optimized for live performances and enhancing acoustic drums. These acoustic sounds are designed to blend seamlessly with your acoustic kit, providing a polished, high-impact sound that can be amplified through a PA system. Additionally, the module offers a wide selection of electronic sounds that are perfect for modern music styles. The TM-2 also features traditional percussion instruments such as cowbell, wood block, and wind chimes, giving you the ability to extend the capabilities of your acoustic kit.

Expand Your Sound Library with SDHC Cards

The TM-2 allows you to expand your sound library by using your own custom sounds. Simply copy WAV audio files from your computer onto an SDHC card and insert it into the module’s card slot. This enables you to use your own studio-processed drums, sound effects, looped grooves, or backing tracks alongside the internal sounds. You can even process your custom sounds using the TM-2’s onboard multi-effects, giving you even more creative possibilities.

Enhance Your Setup with MIDI Integration

The TM-2 features MIDI I/O, allowing you to expand your electronic percussion setup with external devices. You can trigger sounds in V-Drums modules, keyboards, and synth modules, and connect to a computer via a MIDI interface to record MIDI data and play sounds in popular music software. It’s also possible to play the TM-2’s internal sounds and WAV sounds stored on an SDHC card from an external MIDI device, giving you even more control over your performance.

Unleash Your Drumming Creativity with the Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

Take your drumming to new heights and explore the endless possibilities of hybrid drumming with the Roland TM-2 Trigger Module. Whether you’re a professional drummer looking to expand your sonic palette or a beginner exploring new sounds, the TM-2 provides the tools you need to unleash your creativity. Experience the best of both acoustic and electronic drums with the TM-2 and discover a world of possibilities for your drumming journey.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 11/4/2024

The Roland TM-2, triggers, and leads fit in a small flight case, but make a small kit sound awesome; as big, as small, as elecronic as you like. With the SD card facility, your choice of sounds is infinite. Trigger all of your own favourite wav files. Hybrid kits are the future, shame they weren't around 56 years ago, when I began my career!


Rated 5.00 out of 5 15/11/2022

Light and extremely portable. Being a singer guitarist, I use it for solo performances along with the Roland KT-10 kick pedal to give me that meaty thumping bottom end to really fill out the sound of my guitar. I love the control I have over the beat as opposed to a drum machine.

Anthony Little

Rated 5.00 out of 5 11/5/2021

Great product, simple and with great sounds


Rated 5.00 out of 5 04/6/2018

Excellent pice of kit. Good sounds, very useful and easy to use, plus a great price for what is a pretty powerful module.


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