ROSS Electronics Phaser Pedal


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ROSS Electronics Phaser Pedal


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ROSS Electronics Phaser Pedal Overview

The ROSS Electronics Phaser is an OTA-based phaser that faithfully reproduces the original circuit and adds a Univibe mode based on a late '60s Shin-Ei circuit.

Journey into the ROSS Pedal’s heritage and you’ll uncover a lineage that resonates with serious effects pedal enthusiasts and collectors. The ROSS Electronics Phaser, a product of meticulous design and extensive research, celebrates the legacy that positioned the original ROSS brand as an enduring choice for guitarists and aficionados around the globe. Authentically crafted in the distinctive ROSS enclosure style, the ROSS Phaser emerges from the revered JHS Pedals facility in Kansas City, assuring superb quality and tone.

Diverse Phase Tones at Your Fingertips

Harnessing the essence of vintage phase tones, the ROSS Phaser is an OTA-based phase that’s adept at delivering a huge range of immersive tones. Whether you aim for slow, atmospheric sweeps or rapid oscillations, the ROSS Phaser is at your disposal.

Precision Controls for Detailed Soundscaping

With the ROSS Phaser, every nuance matters. The “Rate” knob offers control over the LFO speed, while the “Recycle” allows you to sculpt the feedback, accentuating specific frequencies. The side push switch adds another level of versatility by introducing two distinct modes: the vintage allure of the Phase mode or a late '60s-style Univibe. Activation is seamless thanks to the soft-touch footswitch, and the LED ensures you’re always in sync with your pedal’s operational status whilst performing.

Built for the Stage and Studio

In keeping with the standards set by ROSS Electronics, this Phaser pedal is designed for durability and precision. It’s a reliable companion, whether you’re in the midst of studio sessions or commanding the stage during live performances. Indulge in the ROSS Electronics Phaser and navigate the spectrum of vintage and modern tones with confidence.

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