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The Roland F701 & RP701 Digital Pianos

Roland F701 & RP701 Digital Pianos

The Roland F701and RP701 Digital Pianos share the same technologies, the difference between them is in the cabinet design.

Compact and sleek design, providing a modern look with a smaller footprint. Available in Contemporary Black, White and Light Oak.

Traditional design, providing a classic upright piano look. Available in 4 finishes; Contemporary Black, White, Light Oak and Dark Rosewood.

Both Digital Pianos come with a 3-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage.

With 316 inbuilt sounds, 256 note polyphony, progressive hammer action and Bluetooth Audio/MIDI connectivity, the F701 & RP701 are jam-packed with technology.

Thanks to Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine, both pianos live and breathe just like an acoustic, allowing you to play expressively and dynamically. Partner this with the ivory feel, individually weighted piano action, with escapement, both the F701 & RP701 are enough to convince you that you’re sitting at an acoustic piano. In terms of sound, Roland SuperNATURAL is perfect for someone starting on the piano as it allows the player to learn to control the subtleties of quiet to loud sounds and warm to bright tone.

There are 3 main acoustic pianos built into both 701 models, which resemble the characteristics of an American, European or Japanese Grand Piano. There is also a wide variety of classical, orchestral and electronic instruments to choose from, giving you the ability to play in almost any musical genre.

Both the Roland F701 & RP701 Digital Pianos feature the same PHA-4 Action, with Escapement, Ivory Feel and individually weighted keys, which helps you find every minute detail of the sound engine.

The Roland F701 & RP701 each come with a high-quality OLED screen, making the Digital Piano much easier to use/navigate, with a clear and concise display of the sounds and functions you are using.

The panel on both F701 & RP701 has been inspired by the beautifully crafted Roland HP & LX ranges, now featuring the same ring-lit buttons that earned these premium pianos many design awards. Aesthetics aren’t the only reason these ring-lit buttons have been introduced, as each parameter on the panel of the F701 & RP701 has now been labelled with pictograms, which are easier to understand for even the youngest minds.

The Bluetooth technology that is inside the F701 & RP701 simplifies making detailed edits on these models. With the free Roland Piano Designer app, users can create their dream piano sound by manipulating the wide variety of settings that are accessible within the app. You can download and use other piano sounds that do not come with piano and were originally created for the flagship models.

You can access rhythms, control and edit the settings of either piano, display sheet music for the inbuilt songs, access Sheet Music Direct (the world’s largest online sheet music store), keep a practice diary and enable practice reminders by wirelessly connecting to the free Piano Everyday App. Bluetooth MIDI also enables F701 & RP701 users to wirelessly interact with various other apps, including Soft Synths, DAWs and educational apps. You can even use the Bluetooth technology to wirelessly stream audio from your favourite Smart Device, allowing you to play along to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or any other streaming service.

Both F701 & RP701 seamlessly integrate with your home studio setup, as they have an inbuilt USB MIDI interface, allowing you to control soft synths and alternative instruments you may have on your computer-based DAW.

Pair your Roland Digital Piano with the perfect Roland Piano Bench.

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