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Introducing the Universal Audio UAFX Series, a ground-breaking range of effects pedals that offer exceptional sonic quality, unparalleled authenticity and ease of use.

Powered by Universal Audio’s renowned dual-processor engines, these stompboxes provide a diverse palette of vintage-inspired sounds to enhance your guitars, synthesizers and other instruments. Whether you’re a studio musician or a touring professional, the UAFX series has something for any guitarist seeking to elevate their tone.

Built upon UA’s proven analogue modelling expertise, UAFX effects pedals deliver unparalleled sonic authenticity. Intuitive and immediate control panels allow you to sculpt your sound to perfection, while the sleek retro styling adds a touch of flair to any pedalboard.

The UAFX series comprises an impressive selection of effects pedals based on vintage hardware, amp emulators and an advanced load box. Each pedal in the range offers an authentic emulation of a classic analogue effects unit, studio processor or amp within a portable, pedalboard-friendly footprint. Combing these sought-after sounds with modern features such as stereo I/O, assignable footswitches and presets, UA brings these iconic effects into the modern age.

Compact Pedals

As of 2023, Universal Audio have introduced the first compact effects pedals to the UAFX series - the 1176 Compressor (based on the legendary 1176 compressor), the Evermore Studio Reverb (based on an iconic digital reverb unit), the Heavenly Plate Reverb (a faithful recreation of classic plate reverb) and the Orion Tape Echo (based on the Maestro Echoplex as used by Van Halen, Eric Johnson and more). For the first time, guitarists, keyboardists, synth players, producers and more can experience authentic UA emulations in a compact format.

Each of these pedals emulates a highly sought-after effect and condenses it into a intuitive and pedalboard-friendly footprint. Featuring 1:1 controls that match the origianl hardware and unmatched sonic authenticity, these compact UAFX pedals provide a more attainable way for musicians to enhance their sound with timeless effects.

Flagship Delay, Reverb & Modulation

The original UAFX lineup includes the Starlight Echo Station, Golden Reverberator and the Astra Modulation Machine, delivering the ultimate in delay, reverb and modulation effects. With intuitive preset/live modes, analogue dry-through circuitry and wide stereo/dual mono operation, these pedals offer unparalleled versatility and control.

Authentic Amp Emulations

The UAFX series includes amp emulation pedals based on three legendary vintage valve combos - the Woodrow '55, Dream '65 and Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier. Guitarists across the globe revere the UAFX amp pedals for their sonic authenticity and remarkable responsiveness. Playing and interacting with these guitar pedals is as close to the real thing as you can get.

With stereo connectivity, speaker cab and mic tones from UA’s Ox Amp Top Box, built-in effects and live/preset modes, these amp-in-a-box pedals are praised by many as the most realistic guitar amp modellers available.

Tape Echo, Ambience Companion & Compression

The latest addition to the UAFX pedals family includes the Galaxy '74 (inspired by a legendary mid-70s tape echo and spring reverb unit, the Del-Verb Ambience Companion (all-in-one delay and reverb pedal with algorithms from the Starlight Echo Station and Golden Reverberator) and the Max (studio-quality sound shaping via two individual compressor circuits and a valve preamp emulation).

The Ox Amp Top Box

The Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box is an exceptional reactive load box and guitar recording solution, delivering impeccably studio-miked tones from your favourite valve amplifier.

With the Ox Box, you can play and capture your amp’s sweet spots – from massive clean tones and smooth edge-of-breakup sounds to intensely driven settings – at any volume. Experience effortless control with adjustable mic, room, and speaker cabinet emulations at your fingertips.

What pedals are in the UAFX series?

The UAFX range includes their flagship delay, reverb and modulation pedals (Starlight Echo Station, Golden Reverberator, Astra Modulation Machine), incredible amp emulators (Woodrow '55, Dream '65, Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier) and innovative effects based on vintage hardware (Galaxy '74 Tape Echo and Reverb, Del-Verb Ambience Companion, Max Preamp and Dual Compressor).

What are the key features of the UAFX series?

UAFX pedals offer powerful dual-processor architecture, intuitive preset/live modes, analogue dry-through circuitry, flexible stereo/dual mono operation, true bypass with silent switching, top-mounted jacks, effect mode toggle switches and additional downloadable sounds via the free UAFX Control app.

All of this functionality and tonal quality is housed within a robust and compact form factor that can seamlessly integrate into any pedalboard.

How do I update the firmware on my Universal Audio UAFX pedal?

To update the firmware on your UAFX pedal, download the latest version of the UAFX Control desktop app from the Universal Audio website, connect your pedal to your computer with a USB-C cable and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I use the UAFX Control app with all UAFX series pedals?

Yes, both the mobile and desktop versions of the UAFX Control app are compatible with all UAFX series pedals, allowing you to tweak settings, configure footswitches and more.

What are the power requirements for Universal Audio UAFX pedals?

UAFX pedals require a 9V DC power supply with a minimum of 400mA. Universal Audio recommend using isolated power with UAFX pedals to ensure a clean, noise-free sound.

Are the UAFX pedals compatible with bass guitars?

Yes, UAFX pedals are designed to work with both guitar and bass guitars as well as keyboard instruments such as synthesizers.

How do I create custom presets on my UAFX pedal?

To create custom presets on your UAFX pedal, simply dial in a sound you want to save on the control panel, then press and hold the preset footswitch until the LED indicator flashes, indicating that the preset has been saved. Additional presets can be downloaded wirelessly using the mobile version of the UAFX control app.

Can I run UAFX pedals in stereo or dual mono configurations?

Yes, UAFX pedals can be run in either stereo or dual mono configurations, providing flexibility in how you integrate them into your signal chain. This connectivity primes the UAFX pedal range for use with a stereo guitar rig and synths.