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Walrus Audio Polychrome Flanger Pedal

The Walrus Audio Polychrome Flanger Pedal is a true bypass, analogue flanger pedal that delivers a colourful range of modulated textures, taking the control knobs from the popular Julia Chorus and Lillian Analogue Phaser Pedals.

The Polychrome adds its unique flanging texture to Walrus Audio’s universally acclaimed lineup of premium stompboxes. If you’re looking to add a flanger with a rich analogue sound that can cover all your flanging needs and then some, we highly recommend you try the Polychrome out.

Here’s what the different controls do:


Sets the LFO rate from a super slow 0.1hz at minimum to around 8hz at maximum.


Sets the LFO’s depth, which determines the filter sweep’s breadth. It also interacts with the sweep knob, which will have less influence when the Depth knob is turned all the way up.


The Sweep knob changes the frequency range that the filtering is applied to. For tighter, more conventional flange tones, turn up the Sweep control, and for deeper flange tones, turn down the Sweep control. If you set the Depth knob to zero, you can use the Sweep knob to manipulate the filter’s “parked” position for amazing notched filter effects. For a more dramatic effect, increase the feedback.


The amount of affected signal cycled back through the circuit is determined by the Feedback knob. Turned up, it provides a more serious, dramatic flanging effect, and turned down it delivers a more delicate flanging effect that sounds like more of a classic chorus.

Shape Toggle Switch

The shape switch allows you to modulate the delay line with sine, triangle, or random LFO wave.

Voice Toggle Switch

The voice switch lets you select between two voices for the flange effect. In the down position, the flanger is more traditional and full frequency. In the up position, you get a more complex and notched flange effect with less low end.

D-F-V (Dry, Flange, Vibrato)

The D-F-V knob lets you blend the dry and delayed signal from full dry when turned down (no effect), to traditional flange at noon, to full pitch vibrato turned all the way up. You can experiment with the dry flange vibrato blend to your liking. Tip: Set the D-F-V knob to maximum, the Feedback knob to a minimum, and the Voice toggle switch in the up position for some unique pitch vibrato.

Smart Momentary Bypass Switch

When the bypass switch is in the off position, press and hold to temporarily activate the effect. Releasing the switch turns the effect off

The Walrus Audio Polychrome Flanger Effects Pedal also has top-mounted jacks so you can fit more on your pedalboard, and comes in a sleek black enclosure with purple, yellow, coral, green and white ink, featuring original artwork by David Hüttner that will make it the stand out unit on your pedalboard.

The Polychrome Analog Flanger Pedal uses a 9v power supply (not included).

  • Analog Flanger
  • Controls: Rate, Depth, Sweep, Feedback, D-F-V, Shape Switch, Voice Switch
  • Select between 2 flange voices (traditional / complex and notched)
  • Select between 3 LFO shapes: sine, triangle or random
  • D-F-V (Dry-Flange-Vibrato) blends the dry and delayed signal
  • From full-dry to traditional-flange to full-pitch-vibrato
  • Rate knob sets LFO from super-slow 0.1 Hz to 8Hz
  • Rate LED to preview LFO speed
  • Depth knob determines width of filter sweep
  • Sweep knob shifts frequency range: from deeper flange to tight, more traditional-tones
  • Feedback control to set subtle or more dramatic flanging effects
  • Smart momenary bypass switch
  • Top mounted Input and Output
  • True Bypass design
  • 9-volt DC, Center Negative, 100mA minimum
  • Power Supply not included
  • Made in the USA