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Boss Waza Craft Series

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Boss Waza Craft

The pinnacle of BOSS design and craftsmanship. “?” means “art and technique,” and perfectly describes this concept.

When it comes to Waza Craft, Boss have taken no compromises or exceptions to the quality of the range. The engineers in Japan take great honour in placing the “?” kanji on each Waza Craft product, with the marking perfectly symbolising their pride and prestige for the series.

By using over 40 years worth of history and knowledge, Waza Craft features Boss’ most premium components, technologies and innovations. It is regularly described as Boss’ “Master Built”, “Custom Shop” or “Boutique” range of products.

The Waza Craft range features all-analogue Effects Pedals, groundbreaking Amplifiers and innovative technologies, such as the WAZA Tube Amp Expander and Waza-Air.

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