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Boss Katana Series
Boss Katana Series

Boss Katana Amplifier Series

The Katana Amp range offer the same feel as a valve amp, with a beautifully simplistic user interface and access to Boss’ iconic history of effects.

The Katana Range has become one of our firm favourite amps to suggest to bedroom players, gigging musicians, guitar teachers or guitarists of all levels, due to the sheer quality of its tone and versatility. It’s become one of our Best-Sellers and here’s why.

The Boss Katana Range has an analogue A/B Poweramp, meaning it has the same innards as a valve amp. Typically a valve amp is heavy, unreliable, expensive and you can only get a great tone at high volumes. The Katana utilises the Analog A/B Poweramp to give you all the feel, warmth and dynamics that a valve amp has become famous for, and due to the adjustable Power Controls, you can amend the wattage of the amp to suit the stage, bedroom, studio or rehearsal settings. You can reduce the total power of the amp to either 0.5 of a watt (excluding KTN-MINI & KTN-AIR), Half Power (25W on the KTN-50MKII or 50W on the KTN-100MKII, KTN-100/212MKII, KTN-HEADMKII and KTN-ARTISTMKII) or Full Power (50W on the KTN-50MKII or 100W on the KTN-100MKII, KTN-100/212MKII, KTN-HEADMKII and KTN-ARTISTMKII), meaning you can still experience the tone, and more importantly the “feel” of a dimed amp, at a reasonable volume.

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Each amp in the Boss Katana series comes with a 3-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage.

One Amp, 10 Different Voices & Over 60 Effects

There are 10 different amp voicings available on the Katana MKII Range (x3 on the KTN-MINI & x5 on the KTN-AIR), covering all the bases of what a guitar player may need. There are 5 amp voicings on the front panel - Acoustic, Clean, Crunch, Lead and Brown, and a variation of each. Clean A has the classic American-Style bright/spangly clean sound, whereas B is more punchy/sparkly like an American Deluxe combo. Crunch A responds just like a traditional Class A vintage British amplifier, whereas B contains a more modern pronounced amp voicing. The Lead A voicing is a modern American-inspired high gain amp and B is a tight modern amp for prog/modern metal music. The “Brown Sound” is the essence of the iconic tone of the late Eddie Van Halen. Brown A is similar to his classic vintage tone, where the valves of the amp are pushed to the limit, whereas B is a more modern tone version - it’s so loud, you might as well jump! The Acoustic voicings transform the Katana into an acoustic guitar amplifier, meaning it’s not just for electric guitars! A is a more natural flat-response, whereas B has pronounced highs and lows.

As well as the 10 natural-sounding amp models within the Katana Range, there is a whopping 60+ effects to choose from (x1 Effect on the KTN-MINI & 50+ Effects on the KTN-AIR), which can be fully edited with the free Boss Tone Studio software (excluding KTN-MINI) for Mac and PC. The KTN-AIR has it’s own unique app that is compatible with Android/iOS Smart Devices, which connects wirelessly over Bluetooth. Imagine having a pedalboard with 60+ pedals at your disposal! Each Katana model (excluding KTN-MINI) can have your favourite patches stored directly to the amp (x4 KTN-50, x6 KTN-AIR & x8 on the KTN-100MKII, KTN-100/212MKII, KTN-HEADMKII, KTN-ARTISTMKII), 15 effects can be stored per patch. You can also control the effects and amp models with the use of an external footswitch. There are rear-panel connections, for up to two footswitches (FS-6 for KTN-50 and GA-FC for KTN-100MKII, KTN-100/212MKII, KTN-HEADMKII, KTN-ARTISTMKII) or an expression pedal. All footswitch enabled models are compatible with all Boss Expression Pedals.

Traditional Amp "Feel", With Modern Groundbreaking Technology

The Katana Range is not only a great guitar amp, they are also packed full of technology. You can seamlessly integrate with your studio setup, as the built-in USB interface (excluding KTN-MINI). It allows you to record the audio directly to your favourite DAW, without needing a microphone and messy cables - it’s completely hassle-free! You can use the Record Out (this will disable the internal speaker on the KTN-50MKII & KTN-AIR), to connect to a PA System for live use or run the amp into your favourite preamp. Both USB and phones/recording outputs have a Mic’d cabinet emulation, with three Air Feel types, making your Katana sound like an amp in a studio. There is a Power Amp Input for preamps (excluding KTN-MINI & KTN-AIR), modellers (Boss GT Range), and multi-effects (Boss MEs), meaning that it will bypass the Katana preamp, so you’re not colouring the sound of the external amp models. There are Three Cab Resonance (excluding KTN-MINI) options (Vintage, Modern, and Deep), selectable in Boss Tone Studio.

Here’s What Boss Say:
"The Boss Katana MKII takes all the amazing features from the MKI, and takes it to the next level. We have added more effects, 10x amp voicings, a specific power amp input for amp modellers/multi-fx units and we have added the ability to link two Katana Amps together for a stereo rig. The Katana Range has become one of the most favoured amp ranges on the market, due to its incredible tone, feel and response. This is down to the analogue A/B Power Amp, which is the same type found on iconic valve amps. This means that the very heart of the amplifier reacts just like a valve amp, giving that essential breakup sound and dynamic response that they are synonymous for. Each Katana Amp can have its power output changed, meaning it is ready to be used in any playing environment you should ever need. It can be ran at gig volume, practice and bedroom volumes. You can even run it on headphones for silent practice too. You can seamlessly, and silently, integrate the Katana Range to your studio setup with just a USB connection. So no need for any mics/interfaces or messy cables! The USB connectivity also enables you to use the free editor software, Boss Tone Studio. With BTS, you can access over 60 additional effects, build perfect guitar rig, download artist patches and save additional presets to the onboard memory locations. Each amp in the Boss Katana series comes with a 3-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage".

For users that require a more “boutique” tone, with options for four selectable Analog A/B power amp circuits and the added ability to fine-tune your amp like a guitar tech, we recommend the Boss Nextone.


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Boss Katana Series