Boss KTN-AIR Katana Air 30W Wireless Guitar Amp

Product discontinued

Boss KTN-AIR Katana Air 30W Wireless Guitar Amp

Product discontinued

Boss KTN-AIR Katana Air 30W Wireless Guitar Amp Overview


Boss KTN-AIR Katana-Air 30W Wireless Guitar Amp

The world’s first completely wireless solution for practicing wth a Guitar Amp.

Overview By GAK

The Boss KATANA-AIR is the first fully wireless solution to playing the guitar on the market.

Where the Boss KATANA-AIR Katana-Air 30W Wireless Guitar Amp can be used as a conventional guitar/bass amp. The KATANA-AIR is wireless, meaning that you can play your guitar/acoustic/bass anytime, anywhere, without any messy cables or hunting for a plug socket.

It’s the perfect Practice Amp for the guitarist that wants to play the moment inspiration strikes them. Plus, as it is small, lightweight and compact (it's not too dissimilar to the size of an amp head), it can be played anywhere. Plus, as it is a Boss Amp, you can expect the robust and reliable build quality they have become renowned for.

Go to the beach, climb to the top of a mountain or just sit in the garden with the freedom of NO CABLES!

Completely Wireless - No, Really!

The KTN-AIR is the only Boss Guitar Amp that gives you a completely wireless experience straight out of the box.

The KATANA-AIR can be battery-powered by x8 rechargeable AA batteries, with up to 10 hours of continuous playing time (when powering off rechargeable Ni-MH batteries). Though if you do not want to use it as a wireless amp, you can use it with the included power supply.

The WL-T Wireless Transmitter, which comes included with the KATANA-AIR, is the same that comes with the Boss WL Systems. It can provide up to 12 hours of continuous use when fully charged (by the micro-USB cable (also included)).

The WL-T comes fitted with an Auto-On function, powering the transmitter on as soon as you plug it into a jack input. The WL-T has Motion Sensor Technology, which automatically powers off the transmitter after a short period of non-use. It will also power back on again as soon as you pick up your instrument.

There is also Audio Detection, meaning that if you were to plug the WL-T into a pedalboard, the moment you start playing, the transmitter will automatically power on. Audio Detection will even turn the WL-T off again after 60 minutes of receiving no audio signal. Both Motion Sensing or Audio Detection are designed to save the battery of the WL-T, so you can play for longer. Either can be enabled within the Boss Tone Studio for KATANA-AIR App.

To make the wireless experience even better, you can connect your KTN-AIR to your favourite Bluetooth device. Whether you want a mini amp to simply listen to music or a way of streaming your favourite tracks to play along to, all is possible with Katana-Air.

BOSS EV-1-WL Banner

The KATANA-AIR is compatible with the Boss EV-1-WL control parameters wirelessly, including:

  • Foot volume
  • Pedal WAH
    With additional FS-6:
  • Patch up/down
  • Boost/Modulation on/off
  • Dealy/Effects on/off
  • Reverb on/off
  • EQ on/off

An Amp Tone For Everyone

There are 5 amp voicings on the Boss KATANA-AIR - Acoustic, Clean, Crunch, Lead and Brown.

  • Clean - the classic American-Style bright/spangly clean sound.
  • Crunch - responds just like a traditional Class A vintage British amplifier.
  • Lead - a modern American-inspired high gain amp.
  • “Brown Sound” - the essence of the iconic tone of the late Eddie Van Halen and is similar to his classic vintage tone, where the valves of the amp are pushed to the limit - it’s so loud, you might as well jump!
  • Acoustic - transforms the Katana-Air into an acoustic guitar amplifier, meaning it’s not just for electric guitars!

The Katana-Air is part of the acclaimed Katana Series, which has set the world alight with its incredible tone and very fair price. With KTN-AIR you get all the best features of Katana Amp and the freedom to use them anywhere you like.

Pedals, Pedals, Pedals…

The Boss KATANA-AIR gives users over 50 iconic effects pedals, ranging from drives, distortions, modulations, reverbs, delays, special effects, EQs and many more. When using the BTS app, you mix and match any of the 50+ pedals, allowing you to build your dream pedalboard rig. There are 6 patch locations that can be saved directly to the KATANA-AIR, as well as a patch librarian for you to store hundreds of customised pedalboards to the BTS App.

Play Wirelessly, Edit Wirelessly!

All of this technology is easily controlled by the free Boss Tone Studio for KATANA-AIR App, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

It connects wirelessly to your smart device and allows you to access all the detailed settings of the KATANA-AIR Amplifier. You can create/edit your own patches as if you were controlling the sound of a physical amplifier/pedalboard setup and save them directly to the amp. You can even download free artist patches from Boss Tone Central. Users of the popular Boss Katana Amplifier Range will recognise the interface of the BTS app.

Record Anytime, Anywhere

The Katana-Air can seamlessly integrate with your recording setup, as there is a built-in USB interface.

This allows you to record the audio directly to your favourite DAW, without needing a microphone and messy cables - it’s really is completely hassle-free!

You can use the Record Out (this will disable the internal speaker on the KTN-AIR), to connect to a PA System for live use or run the amp into your favourite preamp. Both USB and phones/recording outputs have Mic’d cabinet emulation, with three Air Feel types and three Cabinet Resonance settings, optimising your Katana-Air at home, in a studio or for small performances.

For users that would like a wireless experience, but without projecting out loud/disturbing anyone around you, check out the Waza-Air.

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Here’s What Boss Say:

“The Boss Katana-Air allows you to experience the joy of playing your instrument without the hassle off plugging in an amplifier, your pedalboard, a computer and messy cables.

A big issue when using a traditional amplifier with a pedalboard, is the amount of cables, time it takes to set up and space it takes up in the home.

With Katana-Air, simply plug the wireless transmitter into your instrument, pick it up and play away until your heart’s content. When finished, place your guitar down and the Katana-Air will turn itself off after a short period of inactivity. Then pick the guitar up oncemore and the Katana-Air will power back on, ready to play again.

The Katana-Air utilises the technology found in the Boss Katana Amplifier Range, as well as access to Boss Effects Pedals. You can choose between all your favourite amp voicings, dime in your ideal tone and access 50+ effects without taking up any additional room than the Katana-Air itself. You can access numerous different amp sounds, effects pedals and download free artist patches, so all types of musician can use KATANA-AIR.

The Boss Tone Studio and Boss Tone Central apps are free to download to your favourite Smart Device and you connect to them wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The Katana-Air is not just a guitar amplifier, as the stereo speakers have been optimised for all the effects, meaning you have a really spacious tone. You can also wirelessly stream audio via Bluetooth, turning the Katana-Air into a high-quality soundbar speaker.

The sleek size and easy portability means the Katana-Air can be used at home, at a BBQ, on the beach or on top of a mountain. Whereever you want to play guitar/listen to music, the Katana-Air is your perfect travel companion.

For users that would like a wireless experience, but without projecting out loud/disturbing anyone around you, check out the Waza-Air.

The KATANA-AIR comes with a 2-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage.”

5 out of 5
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Rated 5.00 out of 5 19/3/2024

Good quality sound and plenty of features. I needed a very light amplifier because of health issues and this amp fits the bill exactly

Mr Damian Cox

Rated 5.00 out of 5 06/7/2023

Great sounding amp. Still so much to explore.

Hari Gurung

Rated 3.00 out of 5 07/7/2021

Great sound, love the wireless function but it fails on battery life. I get nowhere close to the promised 7 hours. Note to other potential buyers - make sure you use 2500amh rechargeable batteries (not 1300amh) to improve the situation a bit.

Trevor William Bradford

Rated 4.00 out of 5 15/6/2021

Very convenient wireless setup makes practice quick and convenient but susceptible to wireless interference on some settings.

Trevor William Bradford

Rated 5.00 out of 5 08/12/2020

Very Impressed with this item!!! The sound quality is in my opinion very good. You can have the volume right down low and still get the affects. Also it has ample volume for practice in the home when you know the neighbours are out. I have owned this for around 4 weeks now and it has definitely improved my playing ability as I can find an affect that matches the music I am trying to learn.