Boss Dual Cube LX Portable Guitar Amp

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Boss Dual Cube LX Portable Guitar Amp

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Boss Dual Cube LX Portable Guitar Amp Overview

Ultra-portable and tonally versatile desktop guitar amplifier with professional amp tones, effects, stereo sound and enhanced range for live performance, livestreaming and recording.

CUBE Evolved

The CUBE amplifier series has been one of BOSS’s most popular and best-selling ranges for over four decades. Their portable design, versatility and superb tone have made CUBE amps a go-to choice for musicians around the world. The DUAL CUBE LX is an evolution of those beloved amps, boasting the latest BOSS innovations that make this the most flexible and powerful CUBE guitar amp yet. The impressive array of connectivity makes the DUAL CUBE LX primed for a wide variety of contexts, including home practice, jamming with friends, performing and recording.

Easy To Get A Great Sound

As you’d expect, the DUAL CUBE LX delivers authentic BOSS tone in a convenient, compact form factor. The highly intuitive design makes achieving a fantastic tone quick and easy. If you want to go deeper with your tone sculpting, you can access the DUAL CUBE LX’s advanced features that offer greater sound shaping capabilities than many other desktop amps.

Iconic Amp Tones

BOSS have equipped the DUAL CUBE LX with a precisely-tuned stereo speaker system. The result is a tone that’s wide, immersive and full of punch - all within a small and convenient footprint. You have eight amp types at your disposal that cover practically any genre. There’s authentic acoustic simulation, pristine Jazz clean, glassy American cleans, spongy British crunch, British stadium rock, vintage American and modern Metal tones. An onboard microphone preamp is ready for the busking singer-guitarist.

Each model benefits from decades of BOSS amp development, giving players a response that feels truly natural and organic. The dedicated mic preamp type lets the DUAL CUBE LX double up as a portable vocal PA system.

Legendary BOSS Effects Onboard

The DUAL CUBE LX features a range of stereo and mono effects that are ready to add depth and texture to your tone. Straight of the box you can access four modulation effects (Chorus, Flanger, Phase and Tremolo) or a Heavy Octave for instant fatness and weight. A digital delay and two flavours of reverb (Classic and Spring) provide space and ambience. The dedicated DUAL CUBLE LX Editor gives you extra control over the effects, letting you swap effects and tweak further settings.

Practice and Jam Anywhere

Whether you’re practising at home or outside, you can enjoy a wide, immersive sound via the custom-designed stereo speakers. The DUAL CUBE LX can be powered using the included AC adaptor or eight AA batteries, making it an ideal amp for travelling, remote jams and busking.

The onboard looper is a fantastic practice tool and live performance feature for buskers. With 90 seconds of mono or 45 seconds of stereo recording, you’ve got plenty of time to sketch out song ideas and build intricate loops on-the-fly.

Perform On Stage

The DUAL CUBE LX is equipped with stereo Line Out jacks that allow you to connect directly to a PA system. This connectivity expands this guitar amp’s range as it allows you to use renowned BOSS amp tones, authentic mic’d cab emulation and lush stereo effects for live performances.

When the stereo Line Out jacks are in use, the custom-designed stereo speakers are still active. This allows you to use the DUAL CUBE LX as a personal monitor whilst the amp and cab modelling is sent to the PA for the front-of-house mix.

Record to Your Favorite DAW

When it’s time to record your guitar, you can use the DUAL CUBE LX as an audio interface to record mix-ready tones straight to your computer or mobile device’s music software via USB or i-CUBE-Link cable (included).

Elevate Your Livestreams

The BOSS DUAL CUBE LX is ready to livestream. Using the Phones/Rec jack and mic volume control, you can stream your guitar sound and voice to the USB and i-CUBE Link outputs. A 4-pole cable for livestreaming and recording is included with the amp.

Play Along with Backing Music

Playing along to backing tracks or your favourite music from a computer or mobile device is a breeze, thanks to the stereo aux input, optional Bluetooth adaptor and USB and i-CUBE Link Loopback.

Deep Sound Customization

The intuitive control panel gives you instant access to the DUAL CUBE LX’s tone settings and makes it easy to dial in your sound. Every amp model has three user memories that store all the knob settings. This is useful for live performance as it lets you quickly recall your tones. The DUAL CUBE LX Editor gives you more in-depth control from your compatible Windows or Mac computer.

Stereo In for Modelers and Pedalboards

Stereo rigs are catered for, thanks to a specialised amp type that’s optimised for stereo devices. Combined with advanced spatial processing, the DUAL CUBE LX replicates the sound of playing through a bigger cabinet. In its default setting, the Stereo In mode offers a full-range flat-response (aka FRFR) sound that’s suited to external amp/effects processors like the GT-1000, GT-1000CORE, GX-100, GT-1 and IR-200. Using the DUAL CUBE LX Editor, you can switch to a Roland JC-120-inspired tone that’s an incredible platform for stereo pedals like the BOSS 500 and 200 series.

Expand Your Possibilities

Optional FS-series footswitches can be connected to the DUAL CUBE LX guitar amp for hands-free control of the looper and memory switching. This functionality enables you to keep both hands on your instrument during a performance. The Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor lets you wirelessly stream music and backing tracks to the amp with your compatible tablet or smartphone.

You can also use the iOS/Android version of the DUAL CUBE LX Editor for remote tweaking and editing of the amp’s functions. The EV-1-WL Wireless MIDI Expression Pedal expands the amp’s capabilities, giving you cable-free operation of the onboard volume and wah-wah effects.

Bass Version

If you’re a bassist and love the jaw-dropping tones, wealth of features and portability of the DUAL CUBE LX, the DUAL CUBE Bass LX is for you. Unlike the DUAL CUBE LX, the DUAL CUBE Bass LX is optimised for bass instruments and delivers tonnes of low-end.

This compact powerhouse is perfect for players who want an easy-to-use amp with an inspiring tone and plenty of features.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 05/2/2024

Very easy to use great sound.

Keith Ogden

Rated 4.00 out of 5 25/1/2023

Expensive for a small amp but in my opinion well worth the reduced price from GAK. Nice solid little unit and feels well built. Amp simulation presets are usually never too great on amps, but in this case they are not bad and can be edited using an app on a mobile device or when connected by USB to a computer. 3 user presets should be enough for most players and for its intended use. Great sound for such small speakers and EQ controls work well. The chorus, flanger and phaser effects are limited in functionality to (probably) the most commonly used parameters but are usable in most cases. Be aware of the following that are slight drawbacks but obviously limitations due to the small design and probably for the intended market: 1. Only 45 seconds of loop time (extendable to 60 using tweaking app). No progress indicator while looping other than different colour of LED to show the current mode. 2. The delay tap tempo sets the delay timing, but there is no control over the depth / length of the echoes. 3. Unless I am using the FS-6 footpedal wrongly, it only switches the user presets on and off and you have to then use the LED button on the amp to move through the 3 user presets. Other than the above observations I have had a lot of fun using this small but quite loud amp.

Bill DL

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