Boss GP-10GK Guitar Processor with GK-3 Pickup

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Boss GP-10GK Guitar Processor with GK-3 Pickup

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Boss GP-10GK Guitar Processor with GK-3 Pickup Overview

The GP-10S from Boss provides amazing tones and tunings, in a compact guitar and synth processor, allowing you to transform your sound in a host of classic electric and acoustic guitars, basses and synthesisers.

There's also a shed load of alternate tuning on board, from popular open tunings, to 12 string tones and various 'down' tunings.

You can also use the GP-10S as a multi-effect processor, with a massive selection of COSM amps and effects for your guitar.

The product comes combined with the Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup

Boss Product Overview

The BOSS GP-10 opens up a new world of tones and tunings at your feet in one processor that's simple, affordable and versatile. 

With a Roland GK-compatible pickup mounted on your guitar you can hone your sound in line with a huge range of electric and acoustic guitars and analogue-modelled synth like the legendary Roland GR-300. You can even tune a full octave down to sound like a bass. What's more, you can use any alternate tuning imaginable, including open tunings, 12-strings, and detuning as far down as modern metal demands. 

Even if you don't have a GK pickup you can still use the GP-10 with the COSM amps and effects. USB connectivity you can plug your GP-10 straight into your computer and even use it as a MIDI convertor with the GK pickup.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 16/9/2020

Good product lots of sound possibilities

ivan spratt

Rated 5.00 out of 5 18/3/2020

Inspiring and motivating to play GP10.


Rated 4.00 out of 5 18/11/2019

I'm a technophobe. The manual that comes with the Boss GP-10 is a nightmare! It's incomprehensible nonsense to people like me... but, once you get past the nonsense, the GK-3 pickup can be stuck on a guitar (acoustic or electric) using UHU white tack - and the preset patches can be played into a guitar amp or you can use headphones or you can plug into a computer and link it up to a Digital Audio Workstation (GarageBand, etc.). After that, go looking for patches you want to add to your library in the Boss Tone Studio app. I've just loaded 30 classical guitar patches from Carlos Eduardo Arrelano, from Venezuela, into Boss Tone Studio and used an Indie acoustic guitar I bought a few years ago for GBP64... So, for GBP409, and a donation to Carlos, I've got thousands of pounds worth of Spanish and Classical guitars!!! Fantastic piece of kit... once you get past the nonsense... lol :) Thanks to GAK for good price and fast delivery.

Simeon Jenkin