Marshall DSL1HR 1W Valve Head with Reverb

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Marshall DSL1HR 1W Valve Head with Reverb

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Marshall DSL1HR 1W Valve Head with Reverb Overview

The legendary Marshall DSL series is back providing you with beautiful Marshall all valve tone.

The DSL1H Head features two footswitchable gain channels, allowing you to go from pure clean tones to aggressive gain in an instant. Its compact size makes it the perfect portable amp for bedroom guitarists.

Engineered to give you fantastic sound at low levels, the power can be reduced to as low as 0.1w without any adverse effects.

Onboard you will find a great choice of effects from studio reverb, an FX loop and tone shift.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 14/6/2024

Cheapest way to get the Marshall guitar sound, line out into something loud what a result.


Rated 5.00 out of 5 24/4/2024

Was after a baby DSL for home use (have a DSL40CR combo). Sound is every bit as good. 1W is still capable of being hugely loud, and 0.1W is still plenty for any home use - good option for less headroom. (Unless you have no neighbours and/or are mostly deaf!). Okay, it doesn't have the 'clean channel' gain control, or the presence and resonance knobs of the larger siblings, but space and cost savings need to come from somewhere I guess. Can't say there's any less of a great clean tone or the same classic Marshall grinding rhythm/lead sound though... am very happy with this purchase. Also, the clean channel makes for a stonking good pedal front end solution, for that extra valve character. Effect loop is also faultless and seems to handle a suitably wide range of signal level to not be a nuisance. Note the loop isn't switchable on the amp or supplied pedal (not sure if switchable with a TRS type pedal, not tried). Not a direct comparison as going into a 4x12, but does seem to lack bass. Easy fix with an (separate) EQ, but not close to the same full sounding bass I get coming from the 1x12 combo version. Am not saying this is trebbly or thin, nope. Just, none of that big depth you get. Haven't hooked the combo to a 4x12 though, so can't truly compare.

Maja Rennick

Rated 5.00 out of 5 13/8/2023

I’m very happy with this product it sounds great it’s well made and for the price I am very happy no complaints. I would recommend that you buy one if you need a small tube amp.


Rated 4.00 out of 5 19/3/2018

The ultra gain channel on this little beast is great and having full EQ and a decent reverb and effects loop is a massive win on this size amp (Blackstar up your game!). The only negatives for me is the emulated output using headphones is not the greatest. Also be aware the classic gain channel is very bright even with humbuckers. Not a bad thing but it might not be what you are expecting.


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