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Line 6 Multi Effects Pedals

Line 6 Multi-Effects Pedals

The tones behind thousands of hit recordings—and counting.

What Is A Multi-Effects Unit?

Multi-Effects units are becoming the go-to solution for the modern guitar and bass player - they are compact, all-encompassing units that can replace your pedalboard or work in tandem with it. You don't need to figure out how to set up your pedals, amps, and settings, or carry a bulky pedalboard around when you can have all the sounds in one unit. You can easily adjust your settings, which are fully customisable, and don't need to worry about the common problems with vintage gear like blowing the valves in your vintage amp or cables coming loose. A Multi-FX unit is a reliable, ultra-portable solution for the modern musician.

Why Buy A Line 6 Multi-FX Pedal?

Line 6 offers cutting-edge studio-quality effects pedals that include ultra-realistic amp simulations of your favourite combos, heads, and cabs. Imagine having all the sounds you could possibly want in an easy-to-use, portable unit that you can easily fit in your bag. Their flagship Helix Floor is now the most popular multi-fx unit in the world, while their other units have the same high-quality technology and build - designed for different applications such as replacing your pedalboard, complementing your rig, or as an easy to transport all-in-one unit, so you can easily find the multi-fx processor that suits your needs best. All Line 6 Multi-FX units have a solid aluminium casing and rugged footswitches that will withstand anything - making them ideal for taking on the road. The footswitches are backlit and colour-coordinated so you can easily see what setting is on - you no longer need to scribble on masking tape.

Helix Range

Line 6 Helix Series

Flagship units - the premium option for guitarists.

The flagship range by Line 6. The Line 6 Helix Multi-FX units are industry-standard guitar processors thanks to their versatility, professional-quality sound and attainable price. The Helix range can be used standalone or integrated with your existing rig or pedalboard, and every unit features effects loops that let you connect other pedals to give you even more functionality. The Helix range multi-fx pedals can be used as the centrepiece for studio recordings or live performances and feature 45 amps, 30 cabs, 70 effects, and 16 mics, third-party IR import capabilities, 12 rugged, capacitive-sensing footswitches, and a hands-free Pedal Edit mode which lets you edit most blocks without taking your hands off the guitar. The Helix allows you to get anything from 50s rock and roll to 90s Britpop - you don't need to figure out what amp you need for a sound you might want in the future as it's all here. Get super realistic analogue tube tones with powerful sound processing capabilities.

The Helix range has become incredibly popular around the world with beginners and professionals alike, with musicians such as Pete Thorn, Billy Bush (Garbage) and Dustin Kensrue (Thrice) using them in the studio and on tour.

HX Range

Line 6 HX Series

Ideal for integrating with your existing rig.

The Line 6 HX range was made for musicians who want professional-quality sound in a compact, portable pedal. All models feature the same SHARC DSP chip and modelling technology as the flagship Helix range and are designed to complement your existing rig rather than be an all-encompassing pedal. The HX Stomp is a 'super stompbox' that can be used in a variety of situations such as in the studio, on stage, an add-on tone expander, and as a backup or travel rig, featuring over 300 amps, cabs and effects, and 3 capacitative-touch footswitches. The HX Stomp XL has all the same features as the HX Stomp but with a total of 8 footswitches to give you a lot more functionality. The HX Effects is designed for those who prefer to use the traditional amp and pedalboard setups but want something that's a lot more compact and portable, and features over 100 effects and as well as legacy sounds from the M-Series and Stompbox Modeler pedals.

POD Go Range

Line 6 POD Go Series

Great for beginners - just plug in and rock out

The Line 6 POD Go range is great for anyone who's new to multi-FX pedals or anyone who wants an all-in-one lightweight and portable guitar processor that they can take anywhere. They feature the cabs and effects models from the HX family, with eight rugged footswitches and easy to use colour displays, while the POD Go Wireless is great for those who don't want messy cables or who want to play in any setting.

Pair your Line 6 Multi-FX unit with the Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal to get even more functionality. Compatible with all Helix, HX, POD Go, and FBV family products.

Each Line 6 Multi-FX Unit comes with a 1-year warranty.

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