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Walrus Audio Julia V2 Analog Chrous Vibrato Pedal

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Walrus Audio Julia V2 Analogue Chorus Vibrato Pedal

The Walrus Audio Julia V2 Analog Chorus Vibrato Pedal is a fully analogue chorus and vibrato pedal that’s filled with a huge range of tonal landscapes to discover. The Julia V2 Pedal can go from a luscious, smooth chorus tone to a warbling, seasick vibrato, making this pedal great for experimenting. The Julia V2 has been updated to include top-mounted jacks so it fits on your pedalboard without taking up extra room, soft switching capabilities, and updated art by Adam Forster.

The Julia V2 has a unique blend knob that lets you blend your dry signal with the chorus, or blend between chorus and vibrato. Use the Lag control knob and the D-C-V control knob (Dry to Chorus to Vibrato Blend) to dial in some classic chorus and vibrato sounds. The Wave toggle switch lets you choose between sine or triangle LFO waveforms. The sharper triangle corners sound better for chorus effects, while the sound sine shape is better with vibrato effects

The Lag knob is unique - it alters the centre delay time that the LFO effect modulates from. The Walrus Audio Julia V2 Analogue Chorus Vibrato Pedal delivers a smooth, tight modulation on the lower settings and a detuned warbling tone on the higher settings. These let you add an extra dimension to the traditional Chorus and Vibrato sounds.

There’s also a D-C-V control knob to blend between Dry, Chorus, into Vibrato, which changes the ratio of dry to wet signal sent to the output. At noon it will be equal parts dry and wet which is the traditional chorus setting.

When the D-C-V knob is turned all the way to the left, the signal will be dry. Turning it all the way right will give you a fully wet signal which is the traditional vibrato setting. As you experiment with different amounts of wet/dry signal you can get a wide range of interesting blends from a subtle chorus to a manic vibrato.

It’s ideal if you want a great-sounding subtle chorus, while also having the option to get as extreme as you want it to if you want to mix it up.

The Julia V2 Analogue Chorus Vibrato Pedal uses a 9v power supply (not included). Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended.

  • Exact size of the diecast enclosure is 4.77” x 2.9” x 2.3”.
  • Power requirements are 9VDC (30mA minimum)
  • Power supply not included.